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Delightfully White Trash

23 September 1984
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1984, 23, 42, 69, absurd notions, acting, alternative, america, amsterdam, anime, australia, b&w photography, bacon, bars, bill bailey, bill hicks, black books, bluntness, books, bowling, british actors, bruschetta, buddhism, buttered popcorn, camping, casi, casi's, castles, cheese, cheesecake, cho chang, cinema, coe, comedy, counter-strike, creativity, douglas adams, dragons, drama, drinking, dylan moran, eating, elixir, england, eye of ra, family guy, film making, films, fire, firefox, flying, food, friends, fun, geeks, getting drunk, getting high, gmail, goth, home-made movies, honesty, innuendo, internalising things, internet, jackie chan, japan, jay and silent bob, jonathan, kevin smith, kevin spacey, keyser soze, kissing, kiwi fruits, knights, lan games, livejournal, loose change, lord of the rings, lost, love, magic 8-ball, manchester, mcvities's gold, media, molkworld, monkey island, monty python, movies, music, my devil versus angel, mythology, nature, nerds, objects, online comics, philosophy, photography, pirates!, porn, post, psychology, pubs, purple, qees, quentin tarantino, questionable content, rain, randomness, road trips, rock, roleplaying, salford university, samurai, sarcasm, sex, silver, simon pegg, something positive, spaced, spider-man, talking, tattoos, tea, teenage mutant hero turtles, the brave little toaster, theatre, thinking, this non-underlined interest, tolkien, travelling, tripod theory, turf and feather, txts, tying people up, unorthodoxness, view askew, vulgar t-shirts, war of the worlds, warrington, webcomics, weed, white chocolate, women, words, writing, x-men, you, zach braff, zest for life,